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  This space will show solutions that people have come up with. 

  The first issue presented to us about the feral cats is still being worked on.  The city has assured us that it will be fixed; but that it will take some time.

  There was a wonderful solution given at out event at Tom Watkins about having individual ran neighborhood clean ups, when there were no Neighborhood Associations in your area.  I spoke to a lady who helps with the New Beginnings program, where people volunteer to go out each week to help clean up a different area of their neighborhood.  I agree with her that this is something all neighborhoods could do on their own as well.  :)

  A solution given for the main problem of homelessness, was to find a way to have more places like Eden Village - where a person lives in a tiny home, & they have to work on property to keep it; & a central counseling center to teach people how to get rid of addictions & live responsibly on their own. 

  It has also been said that we need to have the police enforcing the laws we already have; but that opens a new problem - the shortage of police in Springfield.  This is getting worse, not better; and we really need to find a way to increase the amount of people wanting to become a police officer.