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Welcome To Lemons To Lemonade

  Do you love Springfield?  Do you want to know more about what is going on in our city, & to try to work with other people who love this city to improve what needs fixing?

  That's what a Lemons To Lemonade event is all about!

  We hold these FREE events all across Springfield, in order to help bring all of us together to try to learn more about & improve our city.  So whether you have a problem that needs solved, or you want to provide some solutions; come out to enjoy a fun time getting to know your neighbors, while enjoying some lemonade.


October 7, 2023
El Poblano Grill & Cantina


  I've had to cancel quite a few events recently, due to the weather & other issues. For that, & not keeping you updated well, I apologize!

  Life has been very hectic during each election time; but now I plan to focus on God, my home life & improving Lemons To Lemonade.  That includes putting all of our materials & updates on the website - as has been requested multiple times.

  Even though Lemons is a group effort; & it would not exist without the other members - TY to them BTW, cuz they are the best!  <3

  I'm only 1 person working on the website; so these updates will take me some time to do.  Please forgive me for that; but stay tuned for the info you will be getting on how to make a difference in Springfield. 

  No matter what your background is, this is the city God has placed us all in to be our home - it's up to each of us to make the choice to work to improve it for His glory, or to destroy it by our indifference.  I pray you choose to help us improve it!  Together we can turn our Lemons To Lemonade! 

Love you all!   :) <3